Why choose OptoForce Sensors

The following article will show you the advantages of our force torque sensor. OptoForce equips industrial robots with a sense of touch so that more tasks can be automated and time can be saved. This leads to efficiency during production.

OptoForce sensors represent durability and robustness. Thanks to the highly deformative property of silicone, OptoForce sensors guarantee precise measurements even up to 200% overload. Even after total deformation during 600% overload, the silicone regains its original form, and is able to measure forces with the same precision, without any permanent damage whatsoever.  OptoForce sensors resist sudden shocks.

Another advantage to using OptoForce sensors, are its prices and value for money. Compared to our competitors, our low prices give access to highly precise force/torque sensors to everybody, with prompt delivery. As a price guarantee, if you can find a cheaper sensor than our OptoForce sensors (in the same quality category), we’ll match that price.

When it comes to 6-axis sensors, industrial automation applications that require human hand dexterity can greatly benefit. We are constantly working on developing these applications. Presence detection, hand guiding, path recording, center pointing and polishing applications are already available.

OptoForce 6-Axis Force Torque Sensor Kit received Universal Robot+ Certificate proving its perfection in the production environment. The easy to use OptoForce hardware and software components allow users to extend the force/torque sensing capability of UR robots. Our sensors for the Universal Robots are available with an Ethernet interface. We provide the UR script that reads the force/torque values (in N/Nm), which can be used in a UR program.

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